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Release date

2019 ?



Shady Part of Me

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Shady Part of Me is a narrative 3D game in an oneiric world drawing itself along your journey.

Shady Part of Me is the story of a little girl.
She has been hiding in the shadows – quite literally – for as long as she can remember. Fearful and lonely.

Then she met someone. Another girl -all dressed in black- shadows her now. They feel happy together.

The little girl wouldn't notice her but she had been there from the very beginning. For she is the little girl's shadow and she is thriving for freedom.

You will be invited to play both of them.
Be the one to bind them together anew.

What it is about

In this game, everything is lovingly handcrafted down to its very core, including the engine, in order to offer you the best immersion possible.

Who is behind it

We’re a team of eight knowing each other for quite a long time.
After spending so much time talking about games, we realised our combined skills might allow us to actually make one. We like different types of games ; with Shady Part Of Me, we found a common ground.

Though none of us knew what “developing a game” actually meant, through lots of discussions, we took a real pleasure in expanding our imagination and we would like to share through Shady Part of Me the result of this association of spirits.

Click here to see our hand drawn faces.

What it looks like